About Us

World agri-food production is a rapidly changing environment. It is continuously adapting to short term volatility, whilst meeting the long term challenges of world population growth and climate change. As a world player in the dairy, beef and beverage industries, Ireland also has its own challenges and possibly more opportunities than most as demand for its products increases with rising per capita food intake.

To be competitive and prosper in a globalised economy the Irish agri-food industry must be an early adaptor of intellectual property in innovative new technology and farming practices that will secure a sustainable future.

The Arvum Group works closely with many world leaders in research and development. The goal is to assess and deliver the most relevant technologies to every level of the Irish agri-food supply chain, from Farm to Merchant to Processor. The result has been the development of several independently run companies operating in the sectors of AGRONOMY, ANIMAL NUTRITION and TECHNOLOGY SERVICES.

Our Work

A vision to bring to market a pipeline of new fertiliser technology solutions, which would overcome the sustainability challenges facing the industry.


Bringing quality and unique animal feed and nutrition products to farmers. Achieved through strong collaborations with leading animal nutrition & FMCG companies.